Our Vision

Customer Focus

We recognize that our continued growth and success will be dependent upon our ability to satisfy our customers’ needs for excellent products and services. To this end, we will focus on our customers, develop relationships with them, ascertain their needs and find ways to service which  we do not currently offer. Synergy employees at all levels and all departments will have direct contact with customers and we will foster corporate customer consciousness.


High quality will be the standard in everything we do at Synergy. It will be our goal that all of our services will be better than our competitors. Synergy will be known to all of our customers as the company who provides the best quality service.  High quality performance will be expected and achieved throughout the company and will be reinforced by the continued pursuit of improvement.

Employee Growth

We will nurture an environment in which all Synergy employees will be encouraged and enabled to grow in skill and knowledge.  Individuals’ capabilities will be enhanced by training and education. We will welcome ideas from all on ways to improve our performance and we will cultivate an environment in which everyone participates in the planning and decision making process.