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3M’s Electrical Markets Division, based in Austin, Texas, designs, manufactures and markets products for electrical construction, industrial maintenance, energy and industrial businesses, and electrical/electronic devices produced by original equipment manufacturers. Products include electrical and electronic specialty insulating tapes; power cable splices and terminations, including heat shrink and cold shrink technologies; cable arc and fire resistant tapes; heat shrinkable tubing and molded shapes for electrical insulation; electrical wire connectors; wire terminals, tools, lugs and connectors; wire marking products; cable ties; underground/underwater electrical system products; electrical diagnostic and detection products; and cushioning and protection products.

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List of Products / Services

    Cable Ties & Accessories
    Electrical Tapes and Mastics
    Electrical Wire Connectors & Tools
    Heat Shrink Products
    Identification Systems
    Kits & Tools
    Motor Lead Connections & Kits
    Wire Pulling Lubricants

Video : 3M™ FIP 1-Step Fire Rated Foam