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New Horizon Lighting


New Horizon Lighting was started in 2006 with the mission of developing an alternative to energy-hungry lighting. Drawing on more than 20 years of industry experience in the commercial lighting market, we recognized an ever growing commercial demand for electricity and an ever tightening supply of cost effective energy. Supply and demand pressures were inevitable. Few companies were addressing the need for next-generation lighting products that would reduce operating costs while delivering high efficiency lighting.

Since its inception, New Horizon Lighting has not only developed dozens of high efficiency fixtures and accessories, but it has also helped its clients accelerate their ROI by taking advantage of state and federal incentives for building owners that upgrade to high efficiency lighting. With New Horizon fixtures and assistance in grant application completion, some clients have reduced their ROI for lighting upgrades to as little as five months.

Specializing in solutions for commercial buildings, warehouses, and offices, our energy-efficient technology comes with a winning combination of product and expertise. That means answers to your questions, insight to help you secure available grants, and much more.
Aesthetic appeal: The latest in bright, contemporary low-energy lighting
Advanced features: Near-instant brownout recovery, auto-brightening for higher efficiency, and more
Grant help: Assistance in securing grants to pay for lighting upgrades

An Energy Company for the new Millennium

New Horizon Lighting fixtures are manufactured in our state of the art facility in Jackson, NJ and stocked by the industry’s leading electrical products distributors. Our product selection ranges from standard high bays or strips to recessed fixtures and wraparounds. Our custom designs cover a wide range of special applications from vapor tights to corner mounts. New Horizons fixtures are in use in all types of facilities ranging from huge warehouses to gymnasiums and even prison cells.

List of Products / Services

    Energy Efficient Lighting
    Exit Signs
    Fluorescent High Bays
    Fluorescent Indirects
    Fluorescent Strips/Industrials
    Fluorescent Troffers
    Fluorescent Vaportights
    Fluorescent Wraparounds
    LED Area Lights