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Voltage surges and sags, power interruptions, voltage transients, electrical noise and other power quality problems can disrupt production, damage equipment and corrupt valuable data. Since 1915, SolaHD has supplied total power quality solutions to keep production lines moving while keeping people, equipment and information safe. From the service entrance to the most sensitive control systems, SolaHD offers industrial grade power conversion and power quality products to ensure reliable operation in the most demanding production environments.

List of Products / Services

    Control Power Solutions
    GL Single Multi Output Switchers
    Industrial Control Transformers
    Power Protection Conditioning
    Power Supplies
    SCD Encapsulated Industrial DC to DC Converter
    SCP Series
    SCP-X Extreme Environment Series
    SDN DeviceNet Series
    SDN Redundant Options
    SDN-C Compact DIN Rail Series
    SDN-P DIN Rail Series
    SDP Low Power DIN

Video : Sola HD SDU Off-Line DIN Rail UPS